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Jack is mentioned both as an artist and a cartoonist in many places on the web and included here is a number of links regarding his life and work. Other mentions on this page place his work in the context of the history of the graphic novel and require more detailed coverage.

Comic creator: Jack Katz
" Jack Katz began his career in the early 1950s as a penciler for Stan Lee and Marvel Comics, and continued into the early 1970s. Then he dropped out of mainstream comics..."
Jack's entry in the famous online "Comiclopedia" from the Dutch website, Lambiek.net very briefly outlining his years and placing the "First Kingdom" in the context of his work.

The Complete Skywald Checklist
"This index is as complete as possible given Skywald’s custom of often dropping credits off stories, hiding credits in the art of the story..."
Jack's work here can be found by searching on his name. The listings include a number of comics he worked on in the Seventies, detailing which he wrote, pencilled or inked.
Index to Comic Art Collection: "Jac" to "Jack Kirby Checklist":
Michigan State University Libraries, Special Collections Division, Reading Room Index to the Comic Art Collection, "Jac" to "Jack Kirby Checklist"
Citation to a panel at Comic-Con 1985 in which Jack vents his opion of the comic book industry and its effects on cartoonists (Search on "Jack Katz")
Michigan State University Libraries Comic Art Collection "The Comic Art Collection holds over 200,000 items. Most of these items are comic books..."
Jack's work listed in the holdings of Michigan State's Library collection of comic books. Search on his name for their almost complete collection of "The First Kingdom" and a couple of reviews of the work itself.
Michigan State University Libraries Comic Art Collection Katz, Jack, 1927-
American comics artist
Another place in the collection devoted to citations of Jack's work in books and magazines. Includes the specifc information for finding the famous interview articles, ""Katz Feat" and "The Kingdom And The Power Of Jack Katz" in The Comics Journal. Search on Jack's name.
Comic-Con : The Inkpot Awards "Comic-Con International's Inkpot Awards - Since 1974, Comic-Con International has awarded the Inkpot Awards, an achievement award given..."
Jack's listing among the Inkpot Awards at the Comic-Con convention. Search on Jack's name.
xoology "coraknot: [The First Kingdom by Jack Katz] large, long-necked dracoid quadruped"
One of Jack's crypto-zoological creatures was listed in collection of things that never were. Search on Jack's name.