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Jack has joined with The Hero Initiative, a non-profit group dedicated to helping needy comic creators, in bringing out a new graphic novel. Drawn as only Jack can, the story begins after the death of a billionaire, whose family finds their fortune bequeathed not to them, but to  an unknown Hispanic woman. Barney Barrett, insurance investigator, is brought in by the family to unravel the mystery but what he discovers comes back to place him in danger and put the the family fortune in jeopardy. Drawn in a style that echoes Jack's roots in the age of engrossing graphic writing, the novel shows once again his ability to evoke emotions and drama in ways rarely seen today. Sample Pages
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Graphic Novel Literature
ISBN: 0976665190

Anatomy By Jack Katz, Drawing the Human Form Vol. One


A 152 page sampling of the hundreds of detailed sketches Jack has done over the decades. Drawn in an effort to sharpen his sense of how the human form can appear in fluid and dynamic expressions, these sketches offer brief but detailed views of the human body. Advanced life art students can come away from this book with a unique perspective of drawing ideas that are both instructive and informative. Interspersed among the pages are small chunks of advice on art and drawing that Jack has offered to his students through the years.

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Windcast Publications

The First Kingdom, Book One, Issues 1-6 Complete

After decades of being out of print, Jack's monumental work, The First Kingdom graphic novel was re-issued by Century Comics and combined into a four volume series. Beginning publication in May, 2005, the first of the four eventual volumes included new front and back covers based on Jack's work as well as many of Jack's original sketches never published before.
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The First Kingdom, Book Two, Issues 7-12 Complete

A number of months after the first installment of The First Kingdom graphic novel was re-issued by Century Comics, the second of the four volume series was issued. Including once again new front and back covers based on Jack's work, this volume also had many of Jack's original sketches that had never before been published

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Signed Introduction by Brian Miller.

A number of years ago, Brian Miller, a student of Jack's went through hundreds of sketches and chose a range that he thought reflected the style of drawing Jack has been doing for decades. Gathered together here is everything from brief ideas to full-scale drawings detailed beyond belief. Individuals, groups, all with the Jack Katz flair for fidelity to anatomy.

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WonderCon 2004 Exclusive Premiere

For the 2004 WonderCon Brian put together a second collection from Jack's lode of sketches and came up with volume 2. Expanding on the images of groups and individuals, this version includes fanciful images of science fiction material as well as more of Jack's impressive boxing scenes.

A limited number of issues are still available

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